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Winner, winner, chicken dinner

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Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

These just saved my fucking life you have no idea

I can probably do some of these. This is helpful!

Oh, my staff is going to love it when they come in and I’m all propped up against the wall!  Can’t wait! 

I must get yoga back into my daily routine.

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Before and after work happy

The bf drove to my work parking lot so he could see me for a total of three minutes and he did it with the intention just to make my night better. (if only the ER and the patients had that same interest of making my night better) …then coming home to the sweet dry erase board. Just wonderful on both parts.

I wrote this before falling asleep, but never hit post. I should go back to asleep.

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Look what I came home to.  It just about made me did bring tears to my eyes, but no bawling.  I can’t explain how lucky I am to have the privilege of raising these kids.  The amount of love I have for them and they show back makes my heart happy.

Look what I came home to. It just about made me did bring tears to my eyes, but no bawling. I can’t explain how lucky I am to have the privilege of raising these kids. The amount of love I have for them and they show back makes my heart happy.

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TT—thoughts about sharing on tumblr

There has been a lot I have wanted to share from the first time I found tumblr, but just felt I couldn’t. I started tumlbr about three years being introduced to it by my then (technically still current, but not for long) husband. I remember one of the first posts I saw about cuddling that came by me and the person posting about how they longed for it. I wanted to join in on the post about longing for that, but didn’t want to give into information that would discolor him.  

It’s weird, it was nothing but truthful and I’m not a very nasty person, so I don’t think it would have come off as attacking him, so I just left a lot of the personal relationship off tumblr.  I remember coming across many posts as well about how you shouldn’t live your life a certain way if you don’t want people to tell the facts about your life.  I think it’s been long enough now and I knew there would be a point that I would just need to vent some things like the fact that I had almost a “no touch” policy in the bedroom, even around the house, mostly because it bothered him.  He wanted his space his way. There was also a time period of years I went without kissing, because he said kissing gave him a headache.  I know I haven’t left the anger issues off in the past, I had a hard time admitting those occurred, but also the lack of intimacy and connection that had to be obvious to others that met or knew us as a couple. That’s not true, if there were other people around, he would “play the part” more. Showed more affection, acted more interested…..I never put it all together well enough to understand it all.  But that doesn’t matter now. 

What I wonder about now is what I feel I need to share on tumblr, why I feel I need to share?  I know we can’t post our entire lives on tumblr, but why do I chose what I chose to share?  I know sometimes it’s just the fact that I do look it all like an online diary, kind of a hey how do I feel and what do I want to share today?  Sometimes the daily meme helps a ton, especially being busy, there isn’t a ton of thought, just a snap, a few words added and I’ve put some effort into keeping up my part of our interaction here in our community with the relationships I have built with so many of you. 

It’s nice to see my life has changed so much over the past three years.  I’m glad to have some of the documentation of it all through it here.  There is part of me that is sad that I didn’t feel ok posting more of my raw emotions and the facts of what I was dealing with.  I remember Memorial Day two years ago, my friend that was throwing her annual party was upset that I wasn’t coming, but I was at that point of the early break up that I couldn’t keep my composure in public, tears were easily running down my face at all times and I really had no interest in going and hanging around old couple friends.  Now, I have no real issues, but I know I wasn’t willing to post about the fact that I couldn’t keep my composure well two years ago. 

Now I haven’t written much about how amazingly happy I am and how some days it’s just hard to believe what I’m experiencing is real. I know there is a lot of just that wonderful stuff that goes on in a beginning of a relationship,and I’m enjoying it all. The other day an older lady stopped us as we were getting coffee in a gas station and she said——“aww—-you two must be in love”  then said, “it’s wonderful to see young love”   I was all cool with the first statement, then a little concerned she was a bit more off her rocker, because neither of us a near what would fit into a definition of young. But it still was sweet and made me realize that I don’t share much of things here, but I guess it’s obvious to strangers around me, it’s probably ok to be a bit more open here too as well. 

Now as I said, I would have a long venting post at some point.  This really didn’t touch much, but enough. It also was written would I should have been sleeping, which is something I could have predicted as well as when I would have gotten around to it. 

I’m looking forward to my future.