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I passed this beauty on the way into work.  I was on a phone call with BF and he was all of a sudden asking me….. Are you still there?…..I finally respond with…. Yes, I just couldn’t hear you anymore,  because I was too busy watching the Ferrari passing me.  What were you saying?

I passed this beauty on the way into work. I was on a phone call with BF and he was all of a sudden asking me….. Are you still there?…..I finally respond with…. Yes, I just couldn’t hear you anymore, because I was too busy watching the Ferrari passing me. What were you saying?

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Inspired by @rouxnybtrfly with her fish face Friday. Which of course made me laugh. Which then made me realize I have lunch left in my teeth. Tonight’s motto is just breathe and enjoy my shift the most I can.

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Michele Carragher, the head embroider on Game of Thrones, made this awesome tutorial to show how she created the dragonscale fabric that appears on several of Daenarys’ costumes in S3 and S4.

Ms. Carragher says that the dragonscale fabric was created because “In season 3 the Costume Designer Michele Clapton wanted a Dragonscale like textured embroidery that starts to emerge on three of Daenery’s costumes, which becomes heavier and more pronounced, growing and evolving as the season progresses” (Carragher).

In stages 9-11 of the tutorial we see how the textile evolves from lightly to heavily embellished. This progression is meant to illustrate Daenarys’ personal growth and the growth of her dragons (source).

Here’s a link to Ms. Carragher’s website.

It’s gorgeous. All I can think when I see it is…. I surely don’t have the time for that. Hopefully one day I’ll have the time.

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More detailed update on his crazy ex

Three days ago…..late at night BF gets a text from his ex, telling him he has to go do all these things with his daughter on crazy ex’s custody days.  He replies with a hey I’ll watch her that extra day and I’ll take her that evening, but I can’t do tomorrow. 

Two days ago….BF is coming home from work and his crazy ex sees him in traffic and hunts him down on the road at extremely high speeds and almost knocks him off the road a few times.  I get a call saying raise the garage now.  I do.

Now, remember I have only seen the crazy ex before—-she has refused to meet me before and has done some strange things.  BF gets in the house, tells me he thinks he lost her, but knows she’s on the way to my house. Sure enough a few minutes later —- pound, pound, pound on the door with the doorbell being non-stop pushed and her screaming out there. 

I direct my kids to all go upstairs.  

As I said before I’m very calm in situations like these.  I go to the door and say, you need to stop pounding on my door and screaming.  She’s like I need to talk to BF.  I tell her, I have three children in here and she doesn’t sound calm and I don’t want to expose my children to her rage.  She calms down very quickly, states that she can go talk at the mailbox to not bother the kids.  I remind her that I also don’t need a scene in my neighborhood (yeah, already kind of late for the no scene).

We finally come to an agreement for me to open the door and her to talk to BF.  She is raging on about how he’s a crappy Dad because he didn’t jump when she said jump to do extra things with his daughter.  I calmly state, if it was so important for your daughter to get to church group tonight, why are you here and not taking her…..her only answer is that she has a meeting (I held in the—-obviously an important one to have driven over to my house to cause a ruckus). And her boyfriend was taking her daughter to youth group.  I’m thinking—-what the hell?  Why the drama. 

Well, she wants to go on about all of her perspective of BF’s bad characteristics……one which she tells me——one day (now they had been together nearly 20 years)——-one day he played the xbox for almost 12 hours.  All I can think while she was going on about that was that must have been fun.  She wanted to bring up all this past stuff, like it would alter my opinion.  Thankfully BF had told me everything—-even his evil xbox gaming habits (which his normal average time throughout his marriage was more like four-six hours a week on a heavy playing week—-usually could only find two-three hours to play).  

Anyway, then she tried to pull the sad single Mom story with me.  Oh, how I have no sympathy for her.  I even told her——you left him, you wanted this life. And she did.  She left him, cleaned out the house, cleaned out the bank accounts, he had just gone to work like any other day and came home to everything gone.  Now she wants to whine about how hard it is to be a single mom, with a job that makes about twice mine makes, with one kid, family and friends to help in the area, and her boyfriend obviously helps (her boyfriend was old friend of BF and her daughter’s best friend’s Dad—so that’s strange turning of events as well) and her daughter’s Dad will help out extra with just about anything. She has a mostly flexible job and still keeps a social life and wants to whine to me about how difficult it is?  She really tried to get me to try and take her side in all of it.  

I really did good through the madness of it all.  She actually apologized to me after it was done saying she had no problems with me (don’t believe her for a second on that part) 

My kids watched and tried to listen to it all from upstairs.  When it was over, they were asking me why was she jumping up and down outside?  They had a lot of questions and I’m afraid were a little more concerned about making sure the door is locked now, because she did take a little bit of their feelings of safety and peace in here.  

Hopefully this was a one time incident.  It’s been filed with the police to, just to make sure there is some history in case it isn’t a one time incident. 

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Holy mother fucking crazy ex

Tonight I’m just glad I’m extremely calm in high stress situations. BF’s ex came out of the blue pounding on my door today, screaming and throwing fits…. Wow….. Not really ready for crazy ex. All this happened right before I left to work and ran into one hell of a night. High stress at work before I clocked in.

Hopefully the night gets a little bit better. Hopefully crazy ex gets less crazy.

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Divorce papers signed

Things are officially finished. Stomach bug from hell. Insides of me were coming out from both ends this morning simultaneously. I was really worried I was going to have to cancel, but I really didn’t want to. I was going to celebrate with a mini shopping trip and getting a pedi, but back to bed for me with some meds. Hopefully it doesn’t last long.