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[New] Beautiful Swimwear for Every Body: Introducing Black Cat Bikinis

I am all about some pretty pinup swimwear. I mean, you all know that generally speaking, I dig the pinup aesthetic for lingerie and swim; I just really dig it right now. I’m also a fan of handmade and custom clothing. There’s something very exciting about wearing a garment that’s specifically cut to my measurements.

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Scrolling past this, I had to enlarge the last picture, because it reminded me of one of my besties. Now she would have needed a huge boob reduction to have been her, but it still took me off guard. Maybe because I know she used to model. Then it made me think, well maybe it’s her college age daughter….they do favor each other greatly. Then I think…..Shauna you should be sleeping still, hopefully I’ll remember to call her on the way to work tonight. Also made me think I really need to make it back to DC, where she moved to.