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Relaxed and grateful environment

The homeless van also has such a more relaxed environment than the typical floor in the hospital. (I’m waiting for the NP to finish with her patient right now.)

The gratitude of the patients is night and day too compared to those sitting in the hospital, which does kind of make your day. I’m just doing what I need to be doing, but to know how hard it is to get medical care with no insurance and when you have nothing else, I understand where their gratitude.

I know I lived just a short time being homeless, and I never forget how quickly I could easily move right back to it. It’s interesting that it still stays in the back of my head how easily life can change. I know when we got an SUV the first thought I had was, we could love in this, if needed. Not as easy with the tiny vehicle I have now. (even though I love my itty bitty car).

But the bigger picture here is the fact that medical care does not need to be only for those who have money. Providing care to those in need of it should not be such a unique situation in the community. But I’m probably going too step on some toes with this comment. I guess I’ll come back and explain more on this later.

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