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My questions for you:

1. What movie can you watch over & over again, without ever getting sick of it?

Nice thing about rewatching a movie for me is that if I haven’t seen it multiple times or haven’t seen it in awhile, there is a good chance I may have forgotten I have seen it all together, until I start watching it and get about ¾ of the way into it.  Some of the movies that I have rewatched and rewatched and would still rewatch are: Singing in the Rain, Princess Bride, any original Star Wars, The Big Libowski, most Disney animated flicks, and Monty Python movies.  When I was much younger I used to love watching Bob Hope movies.  I haven’t seen a Bob Hope movie in ages.


2. It’s too late to have anything big for dinner, but you know that you should eat *something* so you don’t get hungry right before bed. What’s your “go-to” food? 

It’s always too late to eat when I get home from school, so this is a challenge. Different dinners of recent have been an avocado one night, a yogurt another, a bagel and piece of banana bread last night.  Sometimes toast with strawberry jam and sliced cheddar on top with a glass of milk.  That is a favorite go to for me.

3. What’s currently your worst “bad-habit”?

No doubt, texting and driving, but I’m getting better about it.  Phone addiction (this includes all of you reading this—stop being so addicting already) falls really close behind this.


4.  Is there a song that just instantly reminds you of an early teenage crush, or first-love?

I can’t believe nothing is coming to mind.  I’m going to have to come back and address this question later.


5. What was your least favorite job?

Unpacking, still is.  I love to pack, hate to unpack. I’ve enjoyed every job I was employed at.  My least favorite thing so far working as a nursing student was taking out a pair of dentures.  I’m pretty sure I would not enjoy working in the dental field.


6. What was the first movie that you can clearly remember seeing in a movie theater?



7. Think of the best date you can remember going on… What did you do on the date?

This one was a bit difficult.  It wasn’t really considered a date, just kind of happened and became I guess what could have been considered a date that lasted a couple of weeks.  Started by my friend and I kind of crashing a party, turned to a ride on a moped (living overseas…mopeds commonplace), to drives around the coast and hanging out on the beach, hanging out at the local tavern and just hanging out watching TV (I’m sure there was more….that was ages and ages ago).  It was kind of a non-stop two week date, but not really ever an official date. It was fun and sparked a friendship that has lasted through the decades.


8. What is something “new” (to you) that you’d like to try, or do, for the first time in 2013?

Pass these next classes.   Graduate and get that BSN.  Pass the NCLEX and get my RN. Become employed as a nurse.  Celebrate graduation.  Celebrate Christmas on a real vacation, not visiting family….kids have been discussing Disney.


9. Who is an artist, or band, that you always have to, or want to, see in concert when they’re playing in your area? 

Tori Amos.  She doesn’t have to be playing in my area.  I want to see her enough that I would travel to see her.  She is doing an overseas tour while I am in school.  I am hoping that she doesn’t decide to “retire” from touring before I can get to see her.  I had a chance to see her when I lived in Okinawa, she was playing in Tokyo. I still kick myself to this day for not taking that opportunity to go do that, to be talked out of that. Yes, I hope to see her sometime soon.


10. What is something that has inspired you in life? (Could be anything: a book, an album, a person, etc.)

I think I find inspiration from seeing how others have changed the world around them, making the world better through small and big things.  I have been inspired by people who start programs to better the youth in their area, people trying to change wrongs such as high infant mortality (which I don’t know if you are aware that Memphis has extremely terrible rates and has not improved upon these rates much at all), service of others, love being shown to others, also small acts of kindness to life sacrifice. There is so much good that goes on in the world around us.  I know it doesn’t always get as much notoriety as the tragic things that occur through the maleficent acts of others. I try to remember to focus on what I can do from the small to the big to make a difference and I think seeing how others do this is inspiration.


11. What was your “favorite mistake”?

I’m sure I’m not done with these yet.  I may have to revisit this question too.

I know I’m supposed to make new questions and do the tagging.  One step at a time with my lack of time.  If I do find the time later I will get to tagging and making up questions.  Thanks for tagging me!

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