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Yesterday when finishing up the questions I was tagged in and was asked who inspired me. his is one person that has recently inspired me.  Her name is Margaret Martin and she started a program that gives free instruments, materials and free lessons to students within the L.A. school district. Here’s the video, it’s a bit lengthy. She found a way to open opportunities to those who would never have them.   According to this video, if you end up watching it, the school system there has one music teacher for every 1200 students.  Music helps in so many different ways, from improving learning, to healing emotionally, and most likely helping out many with a good source of a healthy stress relief. So this opens up so much more than the kids could ever get through the public school system. 

Despite what this program does for opening opportunities for kids to learn, give them skills to open future life opportunities, the pride the kids get an opportunity to feel….the program offers college scholarships and so much more. 

When I learned about her awhile back, there was more of her personal information.  I thought I remember her leaving an abusive relationship as she was continuing her education.  The idea for this program came to her as she was getting her doctorate in public health seeing how gang members interact with a small child playing an instrument at a farmer’s market and how she realized they never had the opportunity to have this and that sparked her starting this program with 36 kids and a $9000 check.  

Things like this that people do to improve things in a matter that may not seem extremely huge, but really truly make an impact on so many lives are the things and people that inspire me. 

Here’s some quotes from some kids from the program:

96% of our seniors have gone to college since 2008.

“The violin calms me down and makes me feel that nothing bad will happen.”
– Nancy M., age 11

“I feel proud because I can play a very hard instrument. When I first started, I didn’t expect to play very well, like I do now.”
– Gayane K., age 9

“I go over my scales and old songs for extra practice. I started studying the same way and got an A in Science.”
– Tiffani W., age 13

“Playing the violin really changes my mood. When I’m nervous or my life is going too fast, the violin calms me down.”
– Frank A., age 14

“Playing the violin makes me feel proud of myself, and important.”
– Steven C., age 7

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