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Winner, winner, chicken dinner

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My kids are home.  Woohoo!  And thankfully their Dad went to his girlfriend’s house again.  Thankful Tuesday……I’m thankful he leaves to the girlfriends house.  And you get a better look at my messy kitchen, because my kids thought they would be funny about taking a snapshot of me without my permission. 

Yes, I just posted a topless picture of myself, then my kids soon after.  Guess what?  I’m all one person.  I’m a Mom and I’m ok with my body and my boobs.  I was laughing the other day, because I heard my kid the other day when I knocked on their door say——Hold on, I need to put clothes on.  They have heard me say that so many times.  Either that or don’t come in, unless you are ok with seeing me naked.  Thankfully the girls don’t care anymore. They are used to it.  Hopefully it’s a process with letting them be ok with their own bodies.  So much shit is thrown out there trying to make people not be ok with the bodies that they are in.  Now, I have nothing against trying to make it what you feel is the best body, but love your body.  It’s the only one you get. 

And damn I am really drunk rambling.  Feel free to send things to my ask. 

I’ll try and send out asks myself. 

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  1. marcneo said: I meant “such” lol not suck
  2. vthebookworm said: You have BEAUTIFUL kids. May God bless them.
  3. thatmeggirl said: So cute! Especially D1! She is turning into such a lovely young woman!!!
  4. nicknameless said: That’s perfect. You’re perfect. Hugs.
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