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Winner, winner, chicken dinner

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Straight out of bed, into one of the BF’s shirts and just chilling.  So far I have just about nothing on my list of things today and tomorrow. A few small, easy errands and the kids are also going off to their dad’s house, so it’s pretty much me time today and tomorrow.

I was supposed to be driving home from Phoenix with the kids right now, but opted to stay home this week at the last minute, when I realized how crazy trying to do a trip out there and back in barely a week was. And I can’t remember the last time I just had nothing planned and nothing I had to do—-so I should just cherish this time right now. 

Taking a selfie with a tub isn’t easy, but I may find some time with that beautiful tub.  It was a bonus of this house that I’m renting. 

I really needed to do the lawn today, but the weather is making that most likely not a great possibility.  But stormy weather, a comfy blanket, a book, or a good movie, possibly some crafting later.  I can’t complain about that at all. 

And an overdose of selfies too—-I will try and comb my hair before the next go round of selfies.

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  1. nursewithtattoos said: That tub!!!! Swoon!
  2. lurvelettersandpaperhearts said: Awww your smile makes me smile. And I envy that tub! :)
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