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This movie is hysterical…especially when they go to the Barbie Museum!

It is a favorite.  I put it on, thinking I wouldn’t pay that much attention to it, seeing I have seen it plenty.  But no…still watching at laughing at it. 

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You’re still deciding? Open that bottle and lets get going please?!

Yes, I’m still deciding.  My yoga teacher brought me fresh mint and I’m trying to decide if I have enough stuff to make a mojito, but it’s looking more like a mojito-ish like drink.  Or wine, beer or whiskey…like I normally decide from.  I added an extra choice and was thrown.  

I’m thinking mojitos and margarita like drinks tonight though.  (even though I do have some good beer in the fridge and it’s becoming a first come—-first serve to the “good” beer.)

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